This happens when you’re not paying off your mortgage

Having a home is everyone’s dream, that’s what you often hear from people. Having a home is not an easy thing, especially if you do not have a fixed income every month, it’s hard to imagine can buy a house that you desire, it’s good if you want to buy a house, all taken into account in advance, whether to buy cash with the consequences of saving each month and waiting for the savings is enough to buy a house or buy on credit. So if you don’t feel like to be able to pay it, you bet you need to hire the professionals to help you to stop foreclosure.

With lots of help options for mortgages or the like, you can choose which one best suits your ability.

If taking home on credit, lest you can not pay off home loans. So, calculate well everything that will be your obligation when going to buy a house. Do not let these things happen to you.

Because of his inability to complete a credit or a monthly bill, you will be rewarded with a penalty of approximately 0.5% per day, calculated from your monthly installment amount. If the debtor is late to pay the mortgage, usually the bank will send a letter of reprimand to immediately pay off the installment plus fine. When you’ve sent a letter in three consecutive months.

As for what can be done by the bank.
1. Instantly seize your home for auction or sale
2. Offer negotiations for rescheduling
3. Offer over-credit to new customers.

If the house has been confiscated by a mortgage bank, you will most likely not be able to withdraw the money already paid. The reason, you are considered to have violated the pledge to the credit agreement, as well as losing your house, which means your money flies away from you.

If the bank offers an over-credit, you will only get some of the money that has been deposited, as it is deducted by various fees and penalties.

The most appropriate action when your mortgage problem is rescheduling with the mortgage bank, such as minimizing the amount of the installment by extending the term of the installment.

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