The necessary Alt Attribute and Title for SEO

For blogger or cms WordPress users, probably already understand really how to add alt and title in the image, because the buttons are available to add both these attributes. Different story for mobile bloggers, especially those who still use the mobile blogging platform like mywapblog, wapka or xtgem, certainly there will be no buttons to add alt and title. Meanwhile, you might need to visit to know more about the excellent SEO services in NYC.

The solution, friends can add alt and title manually, the way is also not too difficult, simply enter the alt and title attribute in the HTML code image.

Although Google is able to detect the size, recognize the color and identify the shape, again I affirm that Google can not guess a picture you upload, for example you upload a photo of the face of the President of your country, where Google does not know what the image, this is where the importance of alt attribute and title.

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