The good habits for the children’s teeth

In addition to the regular visit to the dentist, some of the habits below you need to apply at home so that your child avoid dental and mouth problems, including the ones that we’re going to share with you below. Meanwhile, you can go to Sanford Barr, DDS & Marianne Diachenko, DDS – Dentists Chicago to get one of the best dental services in the country.

Stop the habit of sucking on the child as soon as possible. For example, your child has a habit of thumb sucking or drinking milk through a pacifier, then this habit needs to be removed as soon as possible because it can cause problems in the teeth later.


Choose a toothbrush that is small and soft. Do not forget to replace the toothbrush every three months.


Use a toothpaste just the size of corn on a toothbrush. The dose is enough to provide fluoride in children. Do not give toothpaste along the brush because it can damage the mouth and teeth if too excessive.


Help your child brush his teeth. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children under 8 years brush their teeth with the help of parents.


Avoid snack foods that contain flour and sugar because it is easier to stick to teeth and increase the risk of decay.

If the child can not brush his teeth, rinse his mouth with water to clean the remaining food particles and sugar.

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