The former Donald Trump Limo sells for $ 62,000

If you’re interested in owning one of the cars Donald Trump used, set aside $ 62,000. Cadillac car limousine made in 1988 was only made two models in the world. One of them is owned by Donald Trump for members of his family. The limo car is also known as the ‘Cadillac Trump’ and has been on the plains of England since 1991. In the meantime, you may visit if you want to rent a limo online at a fair price.

Cadumpac Trump equipped with gasoline engine capacity of 5.0 L and has traveled 72,240 km. Not just Trump, there are 4 other people who have owned this car.

“This is a unique and rare car for collectors and Cadillac fans to have it, we know the previous owners, he bought Cadillac 10 years ago and it became his pride even he made it video so we think it can be offered at a high price,” said the seller at Sevenvale Cars, Sean Tanner.

“Trump President fans can also have the opportunity to have it and we also hope from the interest of buyers in the UK,” said Exchange and Mart executive Thom Coupar-Evans.

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