Perform These Three Treatments For Your Vehicle Tires Can Be Used Continually

Having a vehicle means you should be able to take care of it very well. Different parts inside and outside of the vehicle should be noted to avoid damage and you can use for long periods of time. One that you should always check is the tire of the vehicle. You can do maintenance on the tire by checking first at

As one important part, then there are some treatments on the tire that you should always watch, like

1. The use of nitrogen gas as a tire filling due to nitrogen gas particles (N2) larger than oxygen (O2), then N2 can prevent leakage (seepage) causing reduced gas pressure on vehicle tires.

2. Clean all the dust and small stones that are usually attached to the sidelines of the tire. If it is too long left it will damage the tire.

3. Check the air pressure inside the tire so you can ride comfortably and balanced on the streets.

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