How to Set Layout In WordPress

If we look at the WordPress site or blog, generally its default view has two columns. One column has a wider view, and the other column is narrower. The broader first column is commonly used as content, and the second column is used for the sidebar. The good news, the position of this column can actually be changed-fox. We can adjust the position of these columns, whether the content is on the left or right, and vice versa with widgets. To learn more, you can visit

Then, how to set up this WordPress layout? Follow these steps.

– Click the Appearance menu and then select the submenu Theme Options.

– Choose one of the layouts offered in the Default Layout section.
Content on Left: articles are presented in the left column.
Content on Right: articles are presented in the right-hand column.
One-Column, no sidebar: no columns, so part of the article is presented in full.

– Press the Save button.

Choosing the One-Column option, No Sidebar does make the article presented in full and widened to the side. But if the selection of themes or your template is less fit, can make the look of your article seemed empty. Because in general, the appearance of websites on the internet is usually two columns, with one column wider and one column more narrow. By default, widgets or WordPress menus are placed on the right. That’s because the original WordPress themes since Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, and Twenty Twelve have placed content on the left and widgets on the right. So for this, it actually becomes your right completely to use what kind of layout.

Even if you look at the development of WordPress themes that exist today, a lot of variations. But keep in mind, if you are displaying Content on Right or any other pattern, then later visitors will probably need time to adapt.

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