Feel the Spanish Atmosphere In Miami By Visiting These Two Places

You must have known that Miami has a very beautiful and beautiful beach. However, did you know that Miami also has a place with a beautiful Spanish atmosphere? there are some places in Miami that you can visit to get the Spanish atmosphere. To go there, you can also rent a limousine or a comfortable car at the Miami limo service.

Here are two places you can visit:

1. Calle Ocho
Despite having no special attraction other than just an area, Calle Ocho is obliged to be visited by tourists interested in witnessing Cuban culture in Miami. Along the way, Calle Ocho lined the most authentic Latin restaurant, which is a row of grocery stores with a Latin touch.

2. Ancient Spanish Monastery
After the death of the previous owner, Hearst in 1952, the monastery was purchased by W. Edgemon and R. Moss for $ 1.5 million to be used as a tourist spot; 19 months later, this monastery stands in North Miami Beach, Florida. The monastery is now open to tourists every day with cheap tickets.

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