About The Treatment Of Veneer In Teeth That You Should Know

Dental care cannot be forgotten because it will be fatal on your overall healthiness. Because clean teeth will greatly affect the inside of your own body. You can do dental care in the dentist bronx ny in order to get the right treatment.

One of the usual treatments is dental veneer. However, it should be remembered that the dental veneer procedure is a reversible procedure that can change the shape of a tooth. The change also cannot be reversed as before. Another risk is that the teeth attached to the veneer will be more sensitive than other teeth. This is happen due to the thought of tooth enamel as part of the dental veneer. The loss of enamel will cause the inside of the tooth to be more sensitive to disturbances such as hot and cold foods and drinks.

You can also experience damage to other teeth. Khuhsus for patients who have a habit to play their teeth, so veneer is not recommended for them because it will be very dangerous to the teeth.

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